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Top 6 Must-Visit Tourist Destinations In African

Top 6 Must-Visit Tourist Destinations In African
Marrakesh, Morocco
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Summer is around the corner. Exploring new sites and sights in Africa is something you might want to consider. And so much exciting things can happen if you let Reeny Travels show you how. So here are the Top 6 Must-Visit Tourist Destinations In African you would love to visit over and over again. It is every traveller’s delight.

Marrakesh, Morocco

Marrakech is arguably the jewel of North Africa. Discover the secret gardens, out-of-the-way shops and exclusive courtyards of this amazing city. You should check out the city’s grand dame as well as the medina at Jemma el-Fna. Another interesting site is the Jardin Majorelle, a gorgeous oasis full of plants and a vibrant blue villa. Moroccan cuisine is the icing on the cake. The tagines, couscous, mezze and other sumptuous delicacies will surely leave you panting for more.


The Sahara Desert

Yes, you got that right. It’s the Sahara Desert. You can actually do something different this summer and head out to camp on its fringes for a few days. The starry sky and endless picturesque horizon are perfect for photographs and priceless memories. You should add it to your bucket list.

Avenue Of The Baobabs Madagascar By Todd Gustafson

Madagascar’s Baobabs

Actually, it’s called Avenue of the Baobabs. It’s a stunning archipelago of amazing tree species called the Baobab. Located in rural Madagascar, this is one destination that makes for a perfect summer getaway. It is one lovely place to spend a few days hiking its serene, surreal and breezy environment. It is every traveller’s dream.


Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Ascending Kilimanjaro is a mixed bag. It’s an intricate mix of fun, excitement, and resilience. But you’re rewarded with truly astounding and breath-taking views in the course of your ascent. It is a 55-mile hike that takes you through multiple climates, farmland, rainforest and Arctic temperatures. If you love to stretch yourself mentally and physically, this is one hike you should do this summer holiday. You’ll return home refreshed and reinvigorated, ready to the streets with renewed strength.

Obudu Mountain Resort Devils-Elbow-Road

Obudu Mountain Resort, Nigeria

Obudu Mountain Resort is arguably one of the finest and most magnificent tourist centers in the Nigeria and the world at large. The climate of the Obudu Cattle Ranch is semi-temperate mountain climate, which is the general weather condition experienced on the Obudu Plateau due to its altitude. The ranch has in recent times seen an influx of both Nigerian and international tourists because of the development of tourist facilities by Cross-River State Government, which has turned the ranch into a well-known holiday and tourist resort center in Nigeria.

Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya

Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya

Maasai Mara is one of the world’s most magnificent game reserves. The Mara is the northern extension of the Serengeti and forms a wildlife corridor. It’s named after the statuesque, red-cloaked Maasai people who live in the park and graze their animals here as they have done for centuries. In their language, Mara means “mottled”, perhaps a reference to the play of light and shadow from the acacia trees and cloud-studded skies on the vast grasslands.

The park is famous for the Great Migration when thousands of wildebeest, zebra, and Thomson’s gazelle travel to and from the Serengeti, from July through October.

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