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The age of the internet is here. Whenever you’re disconnected to the world you’re not connected. Where ever you’re traveling to, always look for the internet so that you can get connected to the world. If I don’t have internet connection on my mobile phone or laptop I always feel something is missing around me until I get connected.

In today’s times, nearly every hotel, restaurant, and public places are equipped with the internet facilities. The Aviation industry also is no exception. Internet facilities have completely redefined the flying experience. Years ago flying was very difficult but today it’s just like you’re in a luxury hotel. With the addition of in-flight internet facilities, everything is now in perfect shape.

When we talk of in-flight Wi-Fi the United State airline base are the quickest, the most reliable, Speed and efficient. presents to you the top (3) Airlines with in-flight internet connection (Wi-Fi).

  1. Alaska Airlines

One of the leading US based airline is the Alaska Airlines. It is based in Seattle, Washington with its main hub at Seattle – Tacoma International Airport (Sea-Tac). The airline can be traced back to McGee Airways in 1932. Today Alaska airline has more than one hundred (100) destinations in the US.  Horizon Air is part of Alaska Air group. According to J. D. power and Association, Alaska Airline has the highest customer satisfaction of the traditional airline for eight (8) consecutive years.

When we talk about satisfying customers, Alaska Airline does it better. With the addition of in-flight internet facilities, everything is now perfect. Alaska airline in-flight Wi-Fi is powered by Gogo. The internet facilities are available nearly throughout the fleet. When booking Alaska airline doesn’t even bother about the internet facilities because they are there waiting for you. There are different subscription options available. The price starts from $1.95 minimum.

  1. American Airlines

One of the major Airline in America is the American Airlines (AA) with its headquarter in Fort Worth, Texas. It has both international and domestic network. ‘’It might interest you to note that American Airlines is the world’s largest airline both by fleet size and revenue and also the second largest by the number of destinations served’’. The main hub of American Airline is at Dallas/Fort Worth, it also has other hubs in other cities.

American Airlines has the best internet facilities in all the aircraft. Nearly all the American based flight has internet facilities. The American Airline Wi-Fi is also powered by Gogo. This in-flight Wi-Fi does a great job by connecting people to the world. The in-flight Internet packages range from $14 Minimum and continue according to your personal needs.

  1. Virgin America

Virgin America owned by Richard Branson is a United States-based airline with its headquartered in Burlingame, California. The airline began its services on 8 August 2007. Virgin America provides low-fare and high-quality services. The main hub of Virgin America is San Francisco International Airport, though the airline has hubs in other cities.

Virgin Airline is the only airline in the United States with a 4* star Skytrax airline rating. When we talk of in-flight Wi-Fi, Virgin Airline must be mentioned. It might interest you to know that Virgin Airline in-flight Wi-Fi is also powered by Gogo the same company that provides for Alaska Airline. The most amazing part is Virgin in-flight Wi-Fi is provided throughout U.S based flight. Isn’t that incredible? Apart from the Wi-Fi, passengers also enjoy the in-flight entertainment facilities powered by the internet. The internet price starts from $4.95 minimum to $34.95 maximum.

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