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Choose budget airlines With a little compromise on comfort and benefits, you can save plenty. Many low-cost carriers fly to international destinations along with long-haul flight options. Don't just search for US-based airlines; there are European, Asian airlines and even Nigerian airlines that would help save you some dollars. Fly when nobody wants to fly Flight prices differ with the day and...
The Traditional Method of booking flights is now on life support. Reenytravels your one-stop online travel shop that supplies the cheapest fare for both domestic and international flights has taken over. There is no need wandering online looking for where to book cheap flights. Save yourself the stress, time and money by visiting Reenytravels.com to book your flights. Reenytravels.com is...
When to go It is important that you plan your vacation at a time which suits you best. July-August is a busy period and very hot as well. Flights are going to be expensive as well. So, if you want to save some money and avoid crowds try to go at off-peak times. Travelling around It is best to use public transport when...
Ethiopian Airlines and the Ethiopian Immigration and Nationality Affairs Main Department has launched the initial phase to commence an e-visa service for international visitors to Ethiopia from 39 countries including two already visa exempted. The e- visa is processed and issued online on a single Web page where applicants apply, pay and secure their entry visa online. Once the online...
Top 6 Must-Visit Tourist Destinations In African
Summer is around the corner. Exploring new sites and sights in Africa is something you might want to consider. And so much exciting things can happen if you let Reeny Travels show you how. So here are the Top 6 Must-Visit Tourist Destinations In African you would love to visit over and over again. It is every traveller’s delight. Marrakesh,...
Merriam-Webster defines a mile as a unit of measurement equal to 5,280 feet. But in the increasingly byzantine world of frequent flier mileage reward programs, the term has little or no connection to physical distance. In 2015, United and Delta joined Southwest, Jet Blue and other airlines that award miles based upon ticket price and class, rather than distance...
Taking pictures while traveling is one of those things tourists cannot do without. What if after taking the photos and you later discovered that the memory card is broken or some stole the memory card. What would you do? All the photos, all the memories will be gone forever. This happened to me and I was really mad. All...
Where are you headed this season? Cape Town? Nairobi? Lagos? Or Marrakesh? Wherever your destination, you can’t afford to forget vital travel items, for this is probably the worst nightmare of every traveller. Make no mistake about it; it could happen to anyone – whether it’s your first or your fortieth trip. This is the holy grail of travelling...
Detailed planning is required for all kinds of international travels. You need to be organized when arranging your luggage and travel documents. Everything needs to be handled professionally as a little mistake may mar your trip. There are some things that need to be properly handled and in return, you will have a pleasant happy trip abroad.  Below are the 8 things that can make your trip international trip great...
10 Tricks to Cutting Travel Costs in 2017
BARGAIN hunters will need to be craftier when booking a trip if they want to get the best prices this year. It’s no secret that airfares are up and added fees for everything from checked bags to exit-row seats are pushing the cost of flying higher. On top of that, hotel bargains are expected to be harder to come...




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